Transport Phenomena

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Yusuke T. MAEDA

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We study transport phenomena related to the flow of mass, momentum, energy, and information, as seen in complex biological systems. Our primary focus is to elucidate the fundamental principles underlying non-equilibrium transport in soft matter, the autonomous motion and ordered structure formation in active matter, and the energetics of nanomachines through a combination of experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches. Alongside fundamental physics and chemical methodologies, we also develop optical tools for molecular manipulation, leveraging molecular transport to create novel chemical and physical systems capable of autonomously converting energy into mechanical action. Our findings aim to pave the way for innovative engineering approaches that significantly advance chemical engineering, bridging the gap from physics to biology.


Room 019, Bldg. A4, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-2666
E-mail: maeda @

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