Admission Policy

Master's Program (Stage 1)

The Department of Chemical Engineering aims at the construction of an accademic platform that can adapt to structural reorganization in the chemical industry and other core industries such as the electronics industry, as well as to social and economic changes, and at the cultivation of specialist researchers and engineers equipped with a broad perspective and comprehensive judgment to support this platform. It also aims to position the department as an international center of accademic research and a core institution for the training of researchers. To achieve this purpose, we are seeking students for our master's program who can actively acquire mastery of fundamentals of chemical engineering, and who have the ambition to become creative engineers equipped with comprehensive knowledge and vision, international sensibility and strong ethical principles, as well as the ability to apply all of these qualities.

Doctoral Program (Stage 2)

In order to realize the goals of the Department of Chemical Engineering outlined above, for our doctoral program, we seek ambitious students who are capable of advanced, leading-edge research that can contribute to the construction of a new platform for chemical engineering, who are equipped with the broad perspective needed to become community leaders, and who are able to engage actively at an international level. At the same time, to respond to the need for collaboration between industry, government and academia, and for the integration of international strategies and academic disciplines, we are working to expand our provisions for special selection, focusing on mature-age students, overseas students and students from other graduate schools, departments and universities, to promote the admission of individuals with a broader variety of backgrounds and experience.