Graduate School Entrance Exams


The Department of Chemical Engineering did not use the TOEIC score in the Master's Course entrance examination for 2021 (held in August 2020). While the final decision for the same examination for 2022 (to be held in August 2021) will be announced in the official application guideline, we currently consider treating it in the same way as the previous year.

Guidelines for applicants to the Graduate Course Programs of Engineering at Kyoto University are provided on a web page at the Graduate School of Engineering web. The web version has been the authorized version since the 2018 Entrance examination (examination in 2017). If you wish to sit for the entrance exams, you must follow the instructions in the application requirements. Please also note that corrections and additions to these requirements may be posted on the web site of the Graduate School of Engineering, so be sure to check the site regularly. See the following web pages:

Entrance exams for the Graduate School of Engineering

Previous Examinations

The examination in August for entrance to the Department of Chemical Engineering is conducted in Japanese.  You can also download copies of the questions (excerpts in PDF format) from the recent master's program entrance exams using the links below.

The examination in February for entrance to the Department of Chemical Engineering is conducted both in Japanese and in English.