1st ICCEEE in Alexandria

The first International Conference of Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering was held at Hilton Green Plaza in Alexandria from March 19th through 21st.  The conference was organized by the School of Energy Resources, Environment, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (EECE), Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST).  Prof. Ohshima, Prof. Kawase, Assoc. Prof. Yoshimoto, and Assist. Prof. Muranaka took part in the conference.  The Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University has supported the Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering of E-JUST.

[Keynote lecture] "Unprecedented Development of Ultrahigh Expansion Injection Molded Foams from Polymer/Cellulose Nanofiber Composite" by Prof. Masahiro Ohshima

[Invited lecture] "Modelling of a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell: An Electrochemical Reactor Employing Porous Electrodes" by Prof. Motoaki Kawase

"Mixing Profile Evaluation by Pt Nano-Particle Synthesis and CFD Calculation" by Dr. Yosuke Muranaka

[Chair] Prof. K. Yoshimoto: Session 3 on Day 1 "Environmental Aspects and Remote Sensing"

[Chair] Prof. M. Ohshima: Session 4 on Day 1 "Chemical reactors design"

[Chair] Prof. M. Kawase: Session 2 on Day 2 "Technology of Nano Materials and Microreactors"

Prof. Ohshima at ICCEEE 2017

Prof. Kawase at ICCEEE 2017

Assoc. Prof. Yoshimoto at ICCEEE 2017

Assist. Prof. Muranaka at ICCEEE 2017

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