SCEJ 80th Annual Meeting Awards Asano, Fukuta, Nojima, Tsubouchi, Takase

The SCEJ 80th Annual Meeting held at Toyosu Campus of the Shibaura institute of Technology on the 19th--the 21st of March, 2015 awarded the following graduate students of the Department for their excellent poster presentations at the meeting:


Gold Prizes

XB240 "Quantitative evaluation of micromixing and design concept of a micromixer,"
Shusaku Asano (EPE)

XC222 "Synthesis and adsorption characteristics of colloidal metal-organic frameworks with controlled size and shape,"
Akiko Fukuta (SCE)


Silver Prize

XC214 "Direct synthesis of carbon nanotubes on stainless steel surface and application to catalyst-loaded electrode,"
Kosuke Nojima (SE)


Special Prizes

YA110 "scCO2-assisted electroless nickel plating on polypropylene substrate ---injection molding conditions and peeling force---,"
Kensuke Tsubouchi (MPE)

YB229 "Procedure for optimal structure determination of ternary distillation processes," Hiroshi Takase (PSE)

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