SCEJ 79th Annual Meeting awards Asano (M2), Hiraide (M2)

Mr. Shusaku Asano (M2, EPE) and Mr. Shotaro Hiraide (M2, SCE) were awarded respectively the Bronze Prize and the Special Prize of the Student Awards at the SCEJ 79th Annual Meeting held in Gifu on March 18--20, 2014.

SA1P50 "Effects of Channel Geometries on the Mixing by Collision and Distribution of the Mixing State"
Asano, Shusaku; Maki, Taisuke; Mae, Kazuhiro

SD3P23 "Molecular modeling and understanding of adsorption-induced structural transition of porous coordination polymer with stacked-layer framework"
Hiraide, S.; Tanaka, H.; Watanabe, S.; Miyahara, M.

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